Leading manufacturer of Supercapacitors

Leading manufacturer of Supercapacitors

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Focus Products and Markets for this Quarter are RTC and Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting opportunity, VINATech are working on new VEL series products in 18mm dia. to support this market. Capacitance values will be as high as 1500F allowing the use of a single cell in most applications, making this a very cost competitive solution. We hope to be able to release more details towards the end of this month, so watch this space!

One of our biggest markets is electricity meters and the main application for supercaps in these meters is RTC back up! Now we need to build on this success and attack the wider RTC market, promoting single 3V cell solutions that will offer more reliable and lower cost alternatives to the existing coin cell products. We now have a white paper that highlights the advantages of our WEC & VEL series in this application (attached), please feel free to share this with your network.

Please do push hard for SNAP IN business, we have stock on hand and spare capacity to build more. Please check quote history, let us know what we can do as our main competitors are not in strong positions especially for 360F.


H2FC in Hannover will be April 21~26 2021(for Fuel Cells) but could be in doubt due to Covid; Enlit (EUW & Power show) in Milan on November 30th to December 2nd 2021 and PCIM is now postponed until 31st August. We will keep you updated.


VINATech is the leading supercapacitor manufacturer and provides an energy-saving device including Hybrid Super Capacitor and Lithium Hybrid Capacitor. VINATech provides Fuel Cell materials including Catalyst support, Pt/C Catalyst, and Membrane Electrode Assembly(MEA) comprehensively with securing Carbon technology which VINATech has researched and developed for environmentally friendly future growth. It is applied as many as areas from Social Infrastructure for building Smart City to hydrogen fuel cell-related area.


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