Defense Sector

Solutions for the field's challenges

Tamuz develops and designs a variety and advanced power and light solutions to defense and homeland security sectors. 

Today’s mobile armed forces, police, and security forces demand completely reliable and independent power sources such as battery power packs, solar chargers, and hybrid energy generators to power their electronic battlefield and intelligence equipment. 

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Power & batteries run the world

Any defense application such as Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV), missiles, and torpedoes rely on sophisticated battery systems for propulsion and control to achieve their mission. 

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Power sources for new developments

Due to the massive use of Li-rechargeable and hybrid batteries in aviation, robots, mobile communication, naval systems, wireless security systems, warning systems, transmission systems, and GPS, the company works closely with targeted defense OEM and the MOD to provide special power sources for their new developments. 

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Your needs - our solutions

The company provides battery packs with higher capacity and longer operating time and ensures fast and reliable charging, compared to other technologies. 

The company provides a service of upgrade systems in order to use advanced battery technologies to improve stability, run time, and weight of the current systems. 

Shuki Swed

Shuki Swed

Sales Manager

Sales Manager – Defense & Agriculture

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