Over the last decade, Tamuz Electronics Ltd. has acquired vast knowledge relating to mobile and portable energy systems, reliable power supply products, and complete energy solutions for outdoor and indoor electronic systems. The company is dedicated to finding the right and most efficient solution for its customers. The clients of Tamuz consist of leading companies in the sectors of Defense and Security, Industrial, Medical, Telecom, and Government agencies. The company supports the Israeli market as well as customers from Europe, Asia, India, Canada & the USA.


Tamuz Electronics Ltd. specializes in the development, production, and marketing of innovative and advanced energy systems and power components for a wide range of customers, business sectors, and applications.
Established in 1998 by Mr. David Danino – a world expert in batteries, energy-saving, charging methods, and systems based on batteries. Tamuz can provide off-the-shelf, as well as custom-designed solutions for any application – resulting in efficient working systems achieving the perfect solution.
The company is based in Kfar-Saba, Israel, and has a branch in China.
The experience and expertise of our team in Tamuz allow us to provide the optimal solution to meet the customer backup power demands throughout the project phases, starting with the development phase through the prototype phase and finally to the manufacturing phase, all under a tight schedule and close technical support.
Tamuz Electronics Ltd. provides turn-key power projects, complete energy solutions for autonomic power systems, as well as consulting, testing, designing, assembly, and marketing of a wide range of batteries, power supplies, chargers, power components, and hardware.
Tamuz offers a wide range of battery technologies such as Li-FePO4, Li-Poly, Li-Ion, Ni-MH, SLA, Primary technologies, new and special battery technologies. The battery packs are designed with protection components, PCM/BMS, indicators, converters, semi-smart, and SMBus communication modules. Tamuz’s know-how helps in bridging the gap between the customer demands of the up-to-date products and technologies available in the power field. Tamuz is active in Security, Defense, Medical, Aircrafts, LSV, and Environmental systems.

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