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Tamuz develops and designs a variety and advanced power and batteries solutions to the industry sector. Today the industry is highly progressing and innovative – so as our solutions and products for the industry.


Power & batteries runs the world

Tamuz Electronics Ltd. offers Energy Storage Systems (ESS), Off-grid Solar energy systems, BBU for water generator systems, and a variety of advanced solutions for the Agriculture, Cleantech, Water technology, and environmental engineering sector which support industrial wastewater controllers, pumping station, and wastewater treatment plants. We develop and provide new energy technology as custom-made solutions for any application which requires a reliable power source anywhere and anytime its needed. 

Green Energy
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Green energy

Tamuz Electronics Ltd. offers a variety of advanced solutions that meet the ascending demand in alternative and green energy. 

We develop renewable energy harvesting technologies, applied to water flow, wind, and solar radiation. Our technology allows providing the required power to maintain remote off-grid systems.

Our green, tailor-made energy solutions are designed to provide sustainably and non-stop energy supply for many years while guaranteeing the user’s safety and standard of living. 

Continuous research and development, coupled with a strong and highly motivated team, leads to innovative energy systems, relies solely on renew energy. 

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The Korean company has created brand new technologies and advanced materials for increasing fire safety in electric systems, industrial machines, electric equipment, power station, trains, airports, hospitals, cities, military, and electronics industries.
The products include full or partly silicone components in different colors with mechanisms that are protected by patent – the color changes to white in case of passing the temperature limit.
Also, the company has developed fire preventing systems in buildings, closets, and electric canals.

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Born in 1926, after more than 90 years of successful activity, Ravioli S.p.A. is a brilliant, dynamic, and worldwide renowned manufacturer of mechanical and electromechanical devices for industry. Founded and based in Milan, Northern Italy, Ravioli S.p.A. is very well known all over the world, thanks to the development of a solid and reliable network of dealers and partners, started more than 30 years ago. Designing, projecting, testing, and assembling in-house all the products, Ravioli maintains the production strongly rooted in the territory, guaranteeing the high-quality standards of Made in Italy, accordance to EU Norms and Directives, user-friendly design, customer care, and technical assistance as well as innovative and updated solutions for each product.

Ravioli Products
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