Become a Tamuz distributor

When you become a Tamuz distributor, you have an instant new profit center.
With Tamuz, you can build a profitable business with our products.

With thousands of products at dozens of suppliers – Tamuz is the best option to become a local distributor. Tamuz develops, manufactures, spreads, and sells batteries, chargers, power suppliesm power systems, renewable energy systems, connectors, analyzers, safety components, and more.

Tamuz develops and designs a variety and advanced power and light solutions to defense and homeland security sectors. 

Today’s mobile armed forces, police, and security forces demand completely reliable and independent power sources such as battery power packs, solar chargers, and hybrid energy generators to power their electronic battlefield and intelligence equipment. 

Tamuz develops unique and custom-designed solutions of primary, rechargeable, and SMBus batteries, wall mount, Desktop and open frame medical grade PS, smart and multichannel chargers, and Hospital grade power cords according to medical OEM and customers requirements as well as medical standards. 

Tamuz develops and designs a variety and advanced power and batteries solutions to the industry sector. Today the industry is highly progressing and innovative – so as our solutions and products for the industry.