The Cadex C7000 Series of battery analyzers service lithium, nickel, and lead acid batteries on the same device with a simple change of adapter. Simply slide the battery into one of the 3,200 custom Battery Adapters or chose from one of 4 Universal Adapters and discover why the C7000 Series Battery Analyzers have become the world’s leading battery analyzers.

With features such as Boost to awaken sleeping Li-ion batteries and custom programs to prepare Li-ion for shipment, the C7000 analyzers masters battery testing to its fullest. Use the analyzer to measure capacity, spot check spare capacity after a long day and apply calibration to improve fuel gauge readings.

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For over 35 years, Cadex Electronics has been at the leading edge of battery technology. Serving customers in over 100 countries globally, our world-class team empowers local and global clients to achieve the most from their mobile power applications. Cadex technology and products, including custom battery packs, smart chargers and advanced battery analyzers, optimize battery use in all phases of battery life cycle management, increase up-time and availability of critical equipment, and decrease operating costs. With headquarters in Vancouver and offices in Europe and Asia, we make battery systems more reliable.

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Shuki Swed

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