Leading manufacturer of Supercapacitors

Leading manufacturer of Supercapacitors

Comprehensive producer of Fuel Cell materials

What are those and how do they work?

EDLC Single Cell

Hy-Cap NEO Supercapacitor with World-Class Technology to fulfill customer satisfactory:

VINATech engineers have continually taken an effort to develop and improve the EDLC technology. VINATech Supercapacitors are produced from the VINATech’s originally developed Smart Factory based production equipment and VINATech supercapacitor’s surpassing the international standard. VINATech products and technology apply to the automotive vehicles for the next generation, communication equipment, IoT, and the industrial equipment of the worldwide customers, and VINATech engineers will help them to experience the better technology. Hy-Cap NEO supercapacitors are ready to combat the effects of extreme environments and will cover the range of 1 Farad to 100F in Radial options.

  • – Temperature range -40~65℃ (extended to 85℃ when de-rated)
  • – Low ESR
  • – 2.7V and 3.0V options
  • – 500,000 cycle life
  • – World-class supercapacitor solution



VINATech endeavor to fulfill the happiness of our customers, employees, and shareholders as well as our society, by offering environmentally-friendly products.

VINATech is the leading supercapacitor manufacturer and provides an energy-saving device including Hybrid Super Capacitor and Lithium Hybrid Capacitor. VINATech provides Fuel Cell materials including Catalyst support, Pt/C Catalyst, and Membrane Electrode Assembly(MEA) comprehensively with securing Carbon technology which VINATech has researched and developed for environmentally friendly future growth. It is applied as many as areas from Social Infrastructure for building Smart City to hydrogen fuel cell-related area.

Hy-Cap NEO VET Supercapacitors

Optimized Performance for wider temperature environments:

Hy-Cap NEO VET Supercapacitors are now available and they are optimized for wider temperature environments.
VINATech is the leading supercapacitor manufacturer in the Smart Meter and IoT application markets, offering the best products for a variety of functions and conditions. Newly developed Hy-Cap NEO VET 2.7V Supercapacitors are working under -40°C low temperature to +85℃ high temperature.

Please check the link below for further details and specifications.

  •  Temperature range -40~85C, Humidity 85% RH (2.7V)
  •  Low ESR
  •  500,000 Cycle life
  •  Long-term reliability improved at high temperature and humidity

How does Supercapacitor work?
VINATech, a Hy-Cap® brand, develops and manufactures eco-friendly supercapacitors surpassing global standards of UL, IATF, and RoHS.

Hy-Cap is an energy storage device that stores instantly a large volume of electric energy and supplies instantly or continuously higher current, by the mechanism of absorbing and de-absorbing electric charge.

Hy-Cap’s are made of activated carbons, processed in an eco-friendly method, which features higher power, density, and longer life.

VINATech has been mass-producing the market-leading 3.0V EDLC family since 2010 featuring 23% higher energy density than the traditional 2.7V EDLC, VINATech is also the only manufacturer of a hybrid capacitor which uses PC electrolytes. VINATech leads the world, in the production capacity for manufacturing radial supercapacitors of 1F to 1000F class.

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