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Lab-Grade Battery Testing at an Affordable Price?

What is a battery testing system?

Test SMBus batteries, monitor cell balance, and capture load signatures to observe batteries with a unique load protocol. Add a thermal chamber, an external load bank, a safety circuit, and an alarm to form a command center and you begin realizing the unique qualities of this fine battery testing system.

  • 4 independent digital drivers for maximum flexibility.
  • 2V – 36V, 10A charge, and discharge per channel.
  • 100W per channel on charge; 80W on single-channel discharge, 160W dual-channel, and 2400W with external load bank.

C8000 Battery Testing System.

C8000 Got the power

Digital technology widens the test range, provides ultimate stability, and gets more power into a compact housing than is possible with analog devices. Each channel can be programmed with up to 10A charge and discharge current each. Power handling is 100W per channel on charge and 80W on discharge, or 400W on charge and 320W on discharge on all four channels.

The Cadex C8000 is more than a programmable power supply and load bank; the instrument has the intelligence to assist in safe battery testing. Protected charge and discharge algorithms with redundant safety features identify a faulty battery and safely terminate the service should an anomaly occur. The system can be overridden for destructive tests.


Pre Configured Test Programs

Used daily incorporate quality inspection labs world-wide, the C8000 comes with 12
pre-configured test programs to make set up easy and speed return-on-investment. Define up to 100 additional custom programs to tailor the system to your unique needs. Adding external load banks, temperature chambers, and other options to boost current and power, providing the flexibility to test and verify in near-real world conditions.

  • Qualify vendors and vendor specifications, by testing samples or complete batches of the vendor, supplied batteries
  • Auto-test batteries in safety and emergency systems
  • Perform life-cycle, over-temperature, and other stress tests
  • Test battery pulse capabilities, with high load / short time pulsesTest cells and packs
  • Understand discharge curves at varying loads
  • Track capacity and impedance data across repeated cycles
  • Use the pulse discharge feature to test high load/short time pulses
  • Test SLA, Nickel, and Lithium chemistries (including Li-FePO4)
  • Create almost limitless custom tests to mimic various real-world and potential scenarios


C8000 Accessories 

Industry: All Product: Cadex C8000 Battery Testing System Application: Battery Testing / Service


Industry: All Product: Cadex C8000 Battery Testing System Application: Battery Testing / Service

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