Leading manufacturer of Supercapacitors

Leading manufacturer of Supercapacitors

Comprehensive producer of Fuel Cell materials

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Company news

During December we announced an $80milliom investment into a new Fuel Cell factory and also the acquisition of a Korean Company, Ace Creation, who produce Bi-Polar plates. This addition enables VINATech to offer a greater product range to the growing Fuel Cell market. This will make VINATech the only supplier with such a wide offering for the Fuel cell market.

Product News

Focus Products and Markets for this Quarter are RTC and Emergency Lighting

Let’s look at the Emergency Lighting market, there is some interest in using our new VEL series which will be expanded, so compared to EDLC it offers higher density and competitive prices plus longer life time than existing batteries.

We encourage users to consider EDLCs compared to 40 years old Gold Caps.


H2FC in Hannover will be April 21~26 2021(for Fuel Cells) but could be in doubt due to Covid; Enlit (EUW & Power show) in Milan on November 30th to December 2nd 2021 and PCIM in May.



VINATech is the leading supercapacitor manufacturer and provides an energy-saving device including Hybrid Super Capacitor and Lithium Hybrid Capacitor. VINATech provides Fuel Cell materials including Catalyst support, Pt/C Catalyst, and Membrane Electrode Assembly(MEA) comprehensively with securing Carbon technology which VINATech has researched and developed for environmentally friendly future growth. It is applied as many as areas from Social Infrastructure for building Smart City to hydrogen fuel cell-related area.


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