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Samsung Electronics Decides to use VPC in their Remote Controller

On January 5, 2022, the Customer Electronics Show (CES) returned as an offline event.

Based on the theme of “Together for tomorrow”, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman and Head of DX division, delivered a keynote address on the day before the event. The company’s showcase outlined its plans to build a more sustainable, customized and connected future. Especially, Samsung highlighted its plans to build a more sustainable, customized and connected future with products and initiatives that minimize environmental impact, cater to consumer’s lifestyles, and make smart home experiences truly seamless.

In the keynote speech, Samsung introduced solar cell remote controller, which can be charged by sunlights or light bulbs inside home. More than 2Mpcs of batteries are wasted annually and it causes environmental problem. When you line them up, it’s the distance from South Korea to Las Vegas.


Here you can check the state of the art technology from Samsung, the inside of solar cell remote controller. With the HQ’s efforts more than an year, Samsung makes a decision using VPC series, instead of battery.

VPC has less SD (self discharging) values, more eco-friendly, small size and short lead-time. When customer uses VPC instead of battery, as the price of Lithium is ridiculously expensive, they can save lots of costs and less use the conflict minerals. Compared to the current Lithium 18650 battery (size: 18mm x 65mm), it has small size; 08mm x 25mm and it’s quite free from the supply chain impact of secondary battery supply chain issues derived from electric vehicles. And this technology will help customers to enhance their ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) status.

With the waves of Ca-Li Free (Carbon Free & Lithium Free) movement in Europe, it’s time to expand our business explosively with the best success reference, especially to the remote controller market.

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