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EYECAP KOREA - Specialized Manufacturer of Electrical and Fireproof Materials

EYECAP KOREA - Specialized Manufacturer of Electrical and Fireproof Materials

As a leading manufacturer of electrical and fireproof materials, EYECAP KOREA, which is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and 0% dissatisfaction, has been specializing in the production of electric insulating materials and fireproof materials with special performance since its establishment in 2008, and it has secured its position based on its excellence in technology.

Recently, large-scale buildings have shown fatal weaknesses in fire-related disasters, which has already been proven in many cases.

As a result, national fire safety and industrial safety standards are being strengthened day by day, and it is becoming harder to meet stringent safety standards with existing methods. However, in line with the changing circumstances and due to the superior quality and outstanding performance of its products, EYECAP KOREA has witnessed demand for its products gradually increasing for industries, public facilities and general house buildings.

EYECAP KOREA will not stay complacent with the present, but will do its best to become a best-in-class professional company with the best quality and competitiveness. Its first priority will continue to be satisfaction of its customers.

With its specialized technology, EYECAP KOREA has changed its flame retardant PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material to SI (flame retardant silicone) resin insulation cap to maximize its heat resistance performance.

In addition, it meets CE and Reach with eco-friendly materials, and its arc resistance performance is more than 10 times higher than that of flame retardant PVC material, making it possible to block the situation of spontaneous ignition due to contact failure and overheating caused by overload.

EYECAP Ⓡ flame retardant silicone material boasts a general heat resistance of 250 ℃ and there are no melting points, eliminating the risk of secondary fire due to drippings.

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