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“The ambition of ARTS Energy since January 2020 is to be recognized as a major player in the battery market. Our multi-technology offer, the connectivity of our products, and our tailor-made offer are the very heart of our new strategy. All of these elements, coupled with the digital transformation of our manufacturing plant, will undoubtedly help meet the innovative needs of our customers. We are proud to use our know-how to support the evolution of their applications. 



Committed to sustainable respect for an environmental approach

The Versace production site is an installation classified for environmental protection and the production tool is therefore subject to permanent control, allowing optimal management of our discharges, to control our impact on the environment. . The treatment of our discharges is ensured by a wastewater treatment plant, which precisely follows the objectives of ISO 14001 certification. This ensures that residents have a minimal environmental impact. On the other hand, a complete firefighting installation secures the manufacturing site of energy storage solutions.

For all of its battery and accumulator products, ARTS Energy studies the potential impact on the environment at each stage of the life cycle to permanently improve its environmental approach.


Our teams develop rechargeable batteries to reduce the environmental footprint and the impact of our customers’ end applications, by prioritizing service life, quality materials, and a design that facilitates recycling. ARTS Energy makes recycling channels available to its customers for its used products.

Our choices of raw materials are also dictated by this policy of excellence and respect for the environment, so we favor suppliers who are ISO 14001 certified or comply with the environmental and regulatory constraints in force (ROHS, REACH, etc.).

The ARTS Energy company is also committed to an energy consumption optimization approach, thus limiting its indirect environmental impact.

From design and manufacture through their applications to final collection and recycling, ARTS Energy batteries, accumulators, and storage systems provide an appropriate solution for a cleaner world.


Protection for employees & environment

ARTS Energy is constantly adapting its industrial facilities to protect the health and safety of its personnel. This involves a casing of machines (bringing machines up to safety standards), a dust extraction system on certain element assembly stations, and the provision of specific protective equipment for employees, to improve in permanent working conditions.

Potential pollutants at workstations are monitored and eliminated by filtration. Our employees also benefit from regular monitoring.

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