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About Tamuz Electronics

Since 1998, Tamuz Electronics Ltd. specializes in development, manufacturing, and marketing of advanced energy solutions, including mobile and portable energy systems, reliable power supply products, and complete energy solutions for outdoor and indoor electronic systems.

Tamuz Electronics’ spin-off, Tamuz Solar, offers the market the most advanced off-grid autonomous solar power solutions of a variety of applications, ranging from agriculture and water sectors, to meteorology, security and defense.

The company is dedicated to finding the right and most efficient solution for its customers, providing ready-to-use and customized systems.

Tamuz Electronics works closely with the most reputable world vendors and offers a variety of advanced energy products to its customers in Israel and worldwide.

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CADEX presents a new BATTERY ANALYZER ADAPTER Features: Cadex Battery Analyzer Adapter Part No.: 07-111+7280-00 C7 Adapter Bren-Tronic BT-70665-6AV Click here for FULL PRODUCT INFO

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Battery management Systems (BMS) FRIWO’s Battery Management Systems for SMART COMMUNICATION AND MONITORING. Friwo’s BMS offers reliable protection and a variety of comfort functions for

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